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WTBY Sisterhood Membership 2020-2021

WTBY is about connection and commitment to our congregation, community, and to each other! All are welcome to be members of WTBY. We look forward to sharing many fulfilling and exciting moments with you this coming year!

All charges include a 3.5% handling fee. If you would prefer to pay by check, please visit www.tby.org/wtby to print out the paper form and remit with payment to
Women of Temple Bat Yahm
1011 Camelback Street
Newport Beach, CA 92660


For Lifetime Sisterhood Members & TBY Mitzvah/Circle of Honor Members (WTBY membership is included in TBY Annual Membership) - please email prez.wtby@gmail.com

For kids in need of Financial Assistance to attend camp (Please indicate the amount you would like to contribute)
For Teen/Youth Leadership Development (Please indicate the amount you would like to contribute)
Feel free to let us know what other interests or expertise you have that could enrich our sisterhood community.

Your Membership makes a difference and is a Mitzvah! Thank you for joining the Women of Temple Bat Yahm!

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